XION Composite DURION Membranes are ultra-thin, ultra-strong, provide ultra-high performance and have demonstrated excellent chemical stability as a reinforced anion exchange membrane (AEM). The ionomer structure contains a polyphenylene backbone with quaternary ammonium functional groups. A reinforcement layer is integrated into the structure of the membrane to provide enhanced mechanical properties. The enhanced mechanical properties as free-standing membranes, providing higher ionic conductance without sacrificing strength. Applications for XION Composite DURION Membranes include fuel cells, electrolysis, and flow batteries. The DURION™ TM1 ionomer has demonstrated exceptional stability and as reported in a blind study conducted at NREL [1]. Xergy proposes XION Durion-G2 anion exchange membrane sheets in 5, 10, 20, and 30 µm thicknesses and sizes are 5cmx5cm, 10cmx10cm, and 15cmx15cm.

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5%, 10%, 20%


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