XION™ Composite Pention™ Membranes are ultra-thin, ultra-strong, and provide ultra-high performance while demonstrating highly stable performance as reinforced anion exchange membranes (AEM). The ionomer structure contains a poly(norbornene) backbone with quaternary ammonium functional groups. A reinforcement layer is integrated into the structure of the membrane to provide enhanced mechanical properties and to reduce swelling. Applications include fuel cells, electrolyzers and flow batteries. Xion™ composite Pention™ membranes have the highest recorded AEM fuel cell performance with a peak power density of 3.4 W/cm2 [1].


 Crosslinking (%) Thickness (um) IEC (meq/g) OH– ion conductivity

(mS/cm) at 80C

Water Uptake (%) Tensile strength

(Mpa) at 50%RH/50C

5 10 3.5 175 96 40
15 10 3.5 131 66 50


[1] Huang, Garrett, Mandal, Mrinmay, Peng, Xiong, Yang-Neyerlin, Ami C., Pivovar, Bryan S., Mustain, William E., and Kohl, Paul A. Composite Poly(norbornene) Anion Conducting Membranes for Achieving Durability, Water Management and High Power (3.4 W/cm 2 ) in Hydrogen/Oxygen Alkaline Fuel Cells. doi:10.1149/2.1301910jes.


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